Testing Workshops

Testing is frequently a frustrating aspect of any project. The purpose of testing is not to create specifications, but rather, the purpose of testing is to ensure that the products being developed meet the agreed upon requirements. Frequently, testing also is not technical! Can you imagine building a house only to learn on ‘moving day’ that the builder forgot to add a third bedroom? What about an IT (Information Technology system) that does not check passwords?

Workshops in this curriculum assist participants to save time and money, lower their frustration and, receive more effective, quality solutions.

If you are involved in both in-house and out-sourced development efforts, the link between Business Analysis and Testing is critical to you success. Please look at the courses below. By clicking on a workshop you will be able to review the course description, objectives and outline. That’s the starting point! From there we customize and adjust the delivery to meet your needs, exactly!

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